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FAQs about iGENatal kit

How many weeks of pregnancy are recommended to obtain the prenatal sample?

From 14 weeks of pregnancy, extracting from 2 ml of amniotic fluid, the DNA concentration obtained is around 80ng/μl, which allows you to perform any further analysis, in following weeks, the DNA concentration increases.

Can iGENatal be used to carry out an extraction from cultured amniotic fluid?

Yes. iGENatal also allows extracting DNA from amniotic fluid in culture obtaining better results than from fresh fluid. Starting with F25 flask not necessarily full, getting cells by trypsinization or by scrapping directly in the same medium. Starting in both cases, the extraction at the first centrifugation, like with fresh amniotic fluid uncultivated.

Must be stored at room temperature?

Yes. All solutions can be stored at room temperature without losing stability for up to one year. Although the kit stability is guaranteed for one year, after that time it is possible to continue using it with good results. It is worthy to comment here that is important to shake gently the A solution before use.

Is it possible to measure DNA concentration using a Nanodrop?

Although it could be quantified with a Nanodrop, we found that values are more reliable and accurate quantifying by fluorimetric based methods.

What should be used as a blank for Nanodrop measurement?

It is recommended to carry out a negative control, in parallel along the extraction process and use it as a blank to establish a baseline. However, sample could also be quantified with F solution as a blank, obtaining good results.

What is happening if ratios vary widely and are not obtained the expected values?

In samples with such a small amounts of DNA, the ratios could be distorted slightly but it does not mean DNA quality and purity are incorrect. However, if the 260/280 ratio is higher than 2.00, can indicate the presence of RNA traces. An additional RNAse treatment can be performed as indicate in the datasheet.

What is happening if obtained DNA is fragmented?

It may be due to initial prenatal sample conditions.

What types of genetic testing have been developed using the kit?

iGENatal Kit is optimized to use it on any downstream analysis. For instance, excellent results have been obtained with 8x15k and 8x60k array platforms. We have received very positive feedback from PCR, QF-PCR, digestions, MLPA and array CGH test as well.

Is it possible to robotize the extraction system?

It can be done using a robot that allows basic kit procedure functions like centrifugation, shaking, incubation, etc.

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